Gjafabox 4 nýjustu salt tegundir

5.500 kr.


The four salts in The Savoury Collection giftbox from Nicolas Vahé add the finishing touch to a delicious meal. Not only do they give your dishes a boost of surprising flavours. They elevate your cooking to a feast for the eyes as well. The salt with parmesan, tomato and basil is a must-have for Italian-inspired dishes. The salt with activated charcoal heightens the visuals of any meal with its deep black colour. Give your dishes a delicate and balanced garlic note with the salt with wild garlic. Lastly, the salt with chili gives your meals a lingering heat and a spicy undercurrent. The mills come with a ceramic grinder which gives you finely ground spices. This releases the oils for more aroma and flavour in your dishes.

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