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Stærð: l:120cm w:38cm h:43cm

When you need extra seating or simply a decorative piece of furniture, a bench is the answer. Nadi from House Doctor is a long wooden bench made of paulownia wood and has been given a black colour to make it highly versatile and stylish. Use it in your hallway, adorned with hurricanes to give your guests a warm welcome. Or perhaps you need some informal seating in the kitchen or living room. Any room in your home will benefit from the simple elegance that this bench exudes. Also available in a shorter version. The wood is unlacquered. Over time, the bench might start to show traces of typical wear and tear in the shape of spots and marks in darker or lighter shades. This, however, is a natural part of the design. Can carry up to 100 kg.

Paulownia wood

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  • Hliðarborð Nadi lengri

    22.900 kr.
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