Körfusett Baskit 3 í setti

22.000 kr.

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Þessar eru seldar í stk tali í verslun
Stærðinar eru: S: 38cm x 31cm hæð:20.5cm, M: 43.5cm x 38.5cm h:22cm, L: 53cm x 44cm hæðin:23cm Verðin eru 6.400kr 7.400kr 8.200kr
Efnið er Rattan

Timeless, stylish and always practical. This set of three rattan baskets are called Baskit and come in three sizes large enough to sort out all your storage needs in any room. Use them in the kitchen to store food items in the pantry, tea towels and other textiles in the kitchen, or whatever your need might be. Their size also makes them ideal for organising your belongings in the hallway or bedroom. Mixing materials creates a balanced look in your home décor, and these handwoven baskets from House Doctor will no doubt stand out on a metal shelf.

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