Pulla Section Camphor brún

52.000 kr.

Vörunúmer: 212391208 Flokkar: , , , Merkimiðar: , , ,


l: 80 cm, w: 60 cm, h: 44 cm

A pouffe is an ideal fusion of style and function. This one called Camphor is made by House Doctor and designed in a stylish and durable cotton fabric. With its dark brown colour, it suits a host of other colours and styles. Changing the look and feel in your home is easily done by introducing a new pouffe. Use it as a footrest, extra seating or even as a side table decorated with a tray. If you want a complete sofa for your living room, combine the pouffe with the middle and corner sections in the same colour. The seating height is 44 cm.

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