Sófaeining miðja Section Camphor brún

110.000 kr.

Vörunúmer: 212391206 Flokkar: , , Merkimiðar: , , ,


l: 85 cm, w: 85 cm, h: 77 cm 2 púðar fylgja hverri einingu (eins og á mynd)

Camphor from House Doctor is ideal for updating your home décor. It is the middle section of the modular sofa system and can be used as both sofa and chair if you choose to place it on its own. A sofa is the natural centre of attention in the living room and a fundamental part of your home. Here you get a stylish version in a classic dark brown colour. Combine it with the pouffe and corner section in the same colour if you want a complete sofa. You also get two pillows and pillowcases in the same fabric to complete the look. The seating height is 44 cm.

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