Töskur Beach brún 2 í setti

7.600 kr.

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Seldar í stk í verslun stærðinar eru S: l:40cm w:20cm h:30cm, L: l:50cm, w:22cm, h:30cm

You can never have too many bags. Beach is a beautiful bag from House Doctor that is made of braided pinewood and paper, which gives it a stunning and natural look. Beach comes with two handles and is very spacious. It is the perfect beach bag. The natural materials add a certain sense of warmth to your outfit, and the design is kept simple yet beautiful. The bag comes as a set with two different sizes. Dimensions: S: l.: 40 cm, w.: 20 cm. h.: 30 cm, L: l.: 50 cm, b.: 22 cm, h.: 30 cm.

Efnið er Paper, Pine