Veggljós Midtre Coal 25,4×25,4cm

34.890 kr. 31.401 kr.

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l: 25.4 cm, w: 25.4 cm, h: 13.3 cm
Add a minimalist and elegant touch to your bedroom with the Midtre wall lamp. It offers soft, general lighting and will create a relaxed mood wherever you place it – by the headboard, door or dresser. As a contrast to the sleek metal, the mouthblown glass adds softness with its tiny bubbles. Getting the lighting right is just as vital as your bed linen when it comes to creating a bedroom with focus on luxurious comfort. With Midtre from byNORD, you get the perfect lighting and a timeless design all in one. Buy a G9 LED bulb separately. Max 5 W. Cord length: 3 m